The Wire Actor, Michael K Williams Has Passed Away

Michael K Williams, an actor considered as a unique, expressive talent of the acting industry, has passed away. He has reached acclaim from his roles in shows like The Wire for playing Omar Little, Boardwalk Empire as Chalky, and The Night Of as Freddie Knight. At age 54, he was found by his nephew at his penthouse. Speculations state, according to a police officer at the scene, that this was a possible drug overdose.

Williams had fought with addiction a long time back, during his time working on The Wire. For him, life and death situation was pretty common, but at some time later, he saw an end. Before decidedly to come clean right after the show was over. Show creator, David Shore, didn’t want to fire him much as the producers desired to do so, since that would make his situation worse.

Addiction And Beyond

Michael K Williams along with The Wire cast

His performance as Omar Little captivated the TV audience, playing as the sharp-witted gay street thug, who steals drug money from the project gangs and give it to his neighbors for prosperity. One of his most notable scene was the one where he talked with the defense lawyer in court, outright giving short yet precise blows, countering his arguments. The virgin lawyer vs the chad gangster. To sum it up.

Before the fame and talent, he wanted to be a dancer. He was a backup dancer for Kym Sims, before getting those roles for Madonna. This was before he had a barfight, that would lead him to that the scar from the side of his nose to his forehead. His first role was on a film with 2Pac called Bullet, and did modelling for David LaChappelle.

While he has a lot of credits for shows, he has roles in multiple films as well. Including his recent one helmed by Edward Norton, named Motherless Brooklyn. Michael K Williams has received 5 Primetime Emmy Nominations. Most for outstanding actor.

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