Top 5 Bangla Movies That Hit The International Borders

The Bangla movies industry is dying every day since we do not give it enough support. Surely, Bengali producers are capable and have proven their value to the entire globe. The only option for them to make revenue from movies is to go to movie theaters, which are closing every day owing to a shortage of spectators.

The only way to save the Bangla film industry is to show your support by going to the movies rather than downloading pirated copies. Here are the top 5 Bangla films that have crossed international borders, showcasing to the rest of the world what the Bangladeshi film industry is capable of.

5. Jukti Takko Ar Gappo (1974)

The central theme of the novel is how society responds to intellectual distress and how the nobility abandons them. Nilkanata Bagchi, a dramatist for the stage, is a heavy drinker. Guy has been abandoned by her helpless wife and son, who starts on a pathless adventure. He is joined by his kid and Bangobala, a Bangladeshi immigrant. He travels into the West Bengal streams and meets a variety of fascinating individuals with opposing beliefs. Nilkanta, whose name is taken from one of Lord Shiva’s names, thinks that Bengal should remain united.

4. Apur Sansar (1959)

Apurba Kumar Roy (Apu) is a jobless graduate living in a rented room in Calcutta in the early 1940s. Despite his teacher’s encouragement to pursue higher education, he is unable to do so due to finances. He attempts to find work while barely making ends meet as a private tutor. His primary hobby is writing a novel. Which is partly based on his own life and which he hopes to publish one day. He runs into an old buddy, Pulu, who persuades him to join him on a journey. That is to his hometown in Khulna to attend the wedding of a relative named Aparna. On the day of the marriage, it is revealed that the bridegroom has a serious mental disorder.

3. Pather Panchali (1955)

The narrative of Apu, a little Indian kid, and his life in his tiny town. His parents are impoverished; his father, Harihar, a poet and writer, sold the family’s fruit orchard to pay off his brother’s debts. Durga, his sister, and an elderly aunt still live with them. Sarbojaya, his mother, bears the brunt of the family’s struggle. She scrapes by, selling her personal belongings to bring food to the table. She has to put up with her neighbors’ insults since Durga is always stealing fruit from their orchard. When Harihar goes missing for five months and Durga becomes sick, things grow much worse. The family is left with few options even after Harihar returns.

2. Padma Nadir Majhi (1993)

Hossain is a Bengali Muslim with a socialist fantasy. He wants to build a little heaven on an island in the Padma river. He is unconcerned whether the people who live there are Hindu or Muslim. It’s 1947, shortly before India’s division, and Hindu fisherman Kuber accepts Hossain’s offer to transfer some of the community’s goods from the island for a short time. He’d be fishing if a large storm hadn’t chased away all of the fish he typically catches. He sees what the colony is like while retrieving the cargo and. Although being fully aware of the gripes of a former colony member and the limits of the colony, comes to share part of the Utopia concept.

1. Hirak Rajar Deshe (1980) At the peak of Bangla Movie Industry

Goopi Gayin and Bagha Bayin, the musical duet, return in this sequel when they are welcomed to the Hirak Raja’s (Diamond King’s) palace for their musical skills. They are required to perform at the kingdom’s Jubilee Festivals. When they arrive at the kingdom, however, they use their natural goodness and curiosity to discover that everything is not right. Poor farmers and diamond miners are being exploited. There are courtiers who are sycophants and troops that are brutal. With this brainwashing machine, there is also a crazy scientist. Goopi and Bagha set out to remedy the evils with the assistance of an upright schoolmaster… with the use of their ghost-given abilities, quick thinking, and an impish sense of humor.

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Written by Vibwritor

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