Whitest Kids U Know Show Creator, Trevor Moore Dead

A comedian known for his complete ludicrous, immature, adulterated humor, and being one of the show creators of Whitest Kids U Know. Trevor Moor passed away recently at the age of 41. Trevor had a quirky, off-beat, yet likeable sense of humor, and he often brought it to the TV screen with many stuff going on.

But he is famously known for the sketch comedy troupe, Whitest Kids U’ Know. Which were often comedic sketches of 5 main cast members. Whom were Trevor’s close friends, doing all sorts of crazy things. Most of it was referential, based on American humor.

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Most of his content were irreverent comedy that focused on the silliness of the scenario he would build up. Whitest Kids U’ Know might have been part of bro culture, but it was always subverting everybody’s expectations. Personally, this was one of my most favorite shows out there. Knowing everytime Trevor showed up, his presence added a lot of levity.

Trevor Moore has been busy with other projects after it ended in season 5. He had been working on his own show called The Trevor Moore Show. Afterwards, he appeared on Jay Leno’s talk show, then on a few skits from Funny or Die. His recent project was working with Disney for Just Roll With It.

It is sad his life has come short. But not for reasons most people think, the details aren’t fully revealed, but reports indicate that he might have died from an accident. He had no history with substance abuse.

Written by Excalibruh

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