7 Cows for 1 Crore Taka? Is it Actually Meaningful?

Eid-ul-Adha has arrived. The thrill of buying cattle is what makes this Eid special. Not only that, but bargaining with the seller is another enjoyable element of this sacrificial Eid. Obviously, the primary goal of purchasing cattle is not to win, but everyone tries to get the best deal possible for their hard-earned money. The feeling of satisfaction you get after delivering the meat is priceless. But, in a world where everyone is seeking to get the best bargain, is it even worthwhile to spend 1 crore taka on seven cows?

The unthinkable was done by a privileged family of Wari. They’ve gathered all of the biggest cows under one roof. The wealthy family has purchased four distinct kinds of cows. Two of them are from “Bhrama,” two from “Shahiwal,” two from “Deshal,” and one from “Tingur.”

They’ve never let us down. On a cow, an actual gold chain? That’s the definition of a gangster! Hundreds of people queued to see this gangster cow. Despite the fact that they are huge cows, the pricing should not have been so expensive. The average cost of a cow is 14 lakh and 28 thousand taka, which sounds unreasonable.

Why Is It Meaningless?

No, it’s fantastic that the wealthy family used it to spread goodwill. However, they could have spent it more wisely. Instead of 7, they might have bought more cows, resulting in more meat and donations. But still, a big hat’s off to them for the amazing contribution in this Eid-Ul-Adha.

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