An Apple II Manual Signed By Steve Jobs In 1980 Sold For Nearly $800,000

The history of Apple and Steve Jobs’ journey are intriguing topics. As a result, everything that even comes near to recording this life experience becomes a prized possession. The reference handbook signed by Steve Jobs and Mike Markkula, who was an angel investor in Apple and the company’s second CEO, sold for $787,484 on Aug. 19 according to the Boston-based site RR Auction. However, According to the auction site, the Apple II manual belonged to Julian Brewer, whose father acquired exclusive distribution rights for Apple in the United Kingdom in 1979.

Apple II Manual

“Julian, Your generation is the first to grow up with computers. Go change the world!” reads the inscription within the Apple manual.

The Apple II manual was one of many Apple-related items sold at the auction. Including a letter signed by Jobs that went for over $480,000. And a copy of the inaugural issue of Macworld signed by Jobs and Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak that sold for more than $200,000.

“I was sitting in my bedroom writing games on my Apple II. When Dad called me down to meet some guests,” Brewer said. “To my amazement it was Steve Jobs and Mike Markkula. I had the manual with me and only later understood how rare it was for Jobs to sign anything, let alone to write an inscription like this. He got on well with Dad, so I feel the inscription was made with care.”

The Apple II was the company’s first successful product, released in 1977. And is widely recognized as one of the first mass-market computers. Moreover, In 1979, VisiCalc, the first computer spreadsheet, was created for the Apple II. Extending the computer’s appeal to the commercial industry.


The Apple II was the company’s first successful product when it was introduced on April 1st, 1976. “Whereas the Apple I was largely for enthusiasts, with fewer than 200 machines produced. The Apple II genuinely ‘changed the world’ by introducing personal computing to roughly six million homes and businesses,” according to RR Auction. Apple II’s profits aided the company’s successful IPO, which was the largest tech IPO at the time. ”Jim Irsay, the owner of the Indianapolis Colts, put the winning bid for the handbook.

“When we consider of the finest, most inventive minds of the previous two centuries. Steve Jobs must undoubtedly be counted among them,” the happy owner of the handbook said. Jobs was a really revolutionary character who revolutionized the way people think, do business, and interact on a daily basis. ”Even with a $787,484 price tag, this is a treasured item since Steve Jobs was renowned for not signing signatures, making this a one-of-a-kind commodity.

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