Bangladesh Removes “Except Israel” Phrase From Passports

It hasn’t been long since another conflict erupted between Gaza Palestinians and Israel borders. Just recently a ceasefire agreement has been announced with them. About withdrawing any hostility towards the strip.

As for Bangladesh, well, things couldn’t be any better. Bangladesh has also announced that they will remove the “except Israel” on their passport. This will now finally let Bangladesh recognize them as a country and state.

Bangladesh has been protestant against the idea of Israel existing since it has stood with the country of Palestine for the past 8 decades. Needless to say, there were no diplomatic relationships at all for both countries. Well till now, since it has been somewhat rectified.

Zionist makeover at Israel?

Bangladeshi people will finally travel to Israel and recognize the sovereign country over the Gaza Strip. Kidding, that’s not possible…yet. Though of course, the general of the Department of Immigration and Passports has stated the reason behind this being that most countries don’t pull the exceptionalism thing anymore, not even Arab countries. To meet global standards, the changes were made.

We don’t know if Israel will allow traveling between the two countries, as there hasn’t been proper diplomatic relations formed so far. Though one should consider such possibilities

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Written by Excalibruh

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