Bangladesh To Impose More Tax On Computers And Laptops

So, it wasn’t bad enough that even before Covid-19, GPU prices were really high up here. Like this was due to importer tax before sales tax in Bangladesh. Not to mention about other computer products. That weren’t imported from Asia came very costly. Made it very difficult to not only purchase but do business of import and selling.

Well, that could be a lot harder now as the Ministry of Telecommunication and ICT has sent a proposal. A recommendation towards the National Board of Revenue and Ministry of Finance to encourage a more prominent domestic market. For manufacturing and assembling.

A cause for concern?

While this hasn’t been approved, not a lot of people were happy with the news and expressed disdain. Taxes for electronic goods here are already high. With laptops, general computer parts needing to be taxed for state benefits. This issue has been going for almost a decade now in Bangladesh.

While its true that domestic market will bring more employment and set to create more affordable electronics, the issue still remains that imported products are more competitive. The price for quality goods going up doesn’t sing very well to the masses.

Freedom to choose is hampered. Also thanks to the governments constant taxation passing. The Asia market is full of laptop markets that are willing to compete with local and imported goods on fair basis. This isn’t going to not bolster domestic market, but it’ll also lower standards for actual good.

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Written by Excalibruh

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