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Bangladesh Will Establish ‘Jogajog’ As A Facebook Alternative

Digital Bangladesh, as they claim! Is everything really happening that fast? Bangladesh has caught up to the rest of the world. They’ve taken the initiative to build a Facebook alternative. Not only that, but it’s also a WhatsApp alternative. Is it possible for them to compete with Facebook and become the alternative?

Bangladesh’s State Minister for Information and Communication Technology, Zunaid Ahmed Palak, announced on Saturday that the nation will develop its own social media platform named “Jogajog” to compete with Facebook and “Alapon” to compete with WhatsApp. Palak verified this while speaking as a guest at Women’s e-inaugural Commerce’s “Entrepreneurship Masterclass Series 2” event.

Did you know?

Bangladesh already has an alternative for the Zoom app called “Boithak.” They claim that the app has been a success for them and looking forward to building more. Additionally, Bangladesh also has its own vaccine registration application called “Surokkha App.”

No Unemployment In Digital Bangladesh

Palak has stated that everyone wants to hear! In Bangladesh, there is no longer any unemployment. Furthermore, Bangladesh’s State Minister for Information and Communication Technology explained how the country’s 2018 digital e-commerce policy intends to create 20 lakh ICT employment by 2021. He further stated that by 2021, the e-commerce, hardware, software, and BPO industries will be able to fulfill the objective of more than 20 lakh employment. Additionally, businesses in the nation will be able to build their own online marketplace and group for information, data, and communication using this “Jogajog” app. This helps a lot in the unemployment problem in Bangladesh.


The minister, Palak hopes to earn 5 billion US dollars in export revenue by 2025. This is a really good step from Bangladesh and also will be a good financial boost. However, many of the other countries tried to create and compete against Facebook. They failed as Facebook has been here for a very long and has a lot of financial backups. Let’s see if Digital Bangladesh can make a change.

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