Bashundhara Group Management Accused Of Grievous Crimes

Disclaimer: These accusations haven’t been founded of complete substance and proof that they validate the claims. Please note that the report and investigation around this is still ongoing.

Bashundhara Group Managing Director, Sayem Sohan Anvir, along with Chairman Ahmed Akbar Sobhan and 6 (or 7) others have been accused of involvement with the r*pe and m*rd*r of Mosarat Jahan Muniam, who was found hanged by a ceiling fan in a Gulshan, Dhaka flat.

The elder sister of Mosarat, Nusrat Jahan has filed a case alongside Dhaka Women and Children Repression Prevention Tribunal-8 against 8 members of the Bashundhara Group, alleging that she was threatened to leave Dhaka, or she would be k*lled.

A Case Of The Decade?

The following people also accused are Anvir, Sobhan, Chairman’s wife Akter, Anvir’s wife Sobhan, Faria Mahbub Piasha, Saifa Rahman Mim, Ibrahim Ahmed Ripon, the landlord of the victim’s flat, and Sharmim Akhter.

Bashundhara Group HQ

Police Bureau of Investigatio Police Bureau of Investigation has taken the case for investigation. Ordered by the tribunal judge Mafruza Parveen to give a full report on it within 7-day period.

On April 26th, police found Mosarat’s body dangling with the ceiling fan from Gulshan’s rich neighborhood. Her sister filed a case against Sayem Sobhan. Whom at the time was speculated to have a relationship with before the incident.

The police, however, have found no merit to the accusations, after doing a probe report on Mosarat’s body. After 3 months of investigation, it was dropped after July 19th. Charges against him were cleared in August.

Anvir was seen by CCTV camera, being with Mosarat. The last footage that captured them both together, was from April 20th.

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