BREAKING: 17-Year-Old, Drives Like Crazy And Injures 5 Month Old To Death

To say the very least, Bangladesh’s road safety situation is serious at the moment. It also includes the condition of the roadways. Take the Postogola-Chashara road, for example. It’s clogged with holes, as noted by this daily—no surprise there. When it rains, however, the road becomes covered in knee-deep water, making it difficult for cars to proceed safely. But this time it wasn’t the rain or knee-deep water that caused the 5-month-old injury; instead, it was his stupidity.

This event occurred on November 19th, when a rickshaw was severely damaged by a careless driver. It was not an accident, but it was unquestionably the driver’s responsibility. Not only that but there was a five-month-old baby present, as well as his father, who was seriously hurt.

It happened about 5 p.m. in New Eskaton Road, Dhaka, according to the source. The driver of the car was asked if he could drift or not. And to prove to his buddies that he can, he was drifting down Eskaton Road. He drove improperly while attempting to drift and slammed with a rickshaw at high speed, causing the rickshaw to turn upside down and hurting the passengers and rickshaw driver.

It was a black Allion vehicle, and it’s still unclear if it was a hit-and-run or if he stopped to investigate. According to the most recent information, the 5-month-old baby’s thigh bones were shattered, and the baby’s father’s hands were broken.

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