Breaking Bad Almost Happened In Uttara

It’s just one of those things. Bunch of crooks in this city trying to find a place to cook. A place that makes food to put more bitter souls in their own little paradise. Oh, how the wretched could have thrived if it wasn’t for justice coming to knock. With that, ah, crime noir synopsis out of the way. Yeah, so a drug lab in Uttara was being set up for methamphetamine. You know, the stuff Heisenberg makes in Breaking Bad.

6 held after Rab raid of 'meth lab' in Uttara | The Daily Star
6 held in Uttara,Dhaka after Rab raid the ‘meth lab’.

Before it could reach completion, law enforcement were high on their tail before catching them with their pants down. The lab had a bunch of stuff from lab equipments primed and ready for making the drugs, replica guns, crystal meth, Yaba, materials, and such. Total of 50 people so far were caught. Of which 12 of them were drug peddlers.

No Drugs, No Money

It has been discovered that some of these guys who make the drugs were either still studying in private universities or they dropped out of it. With the financial backing from a Jamirul Chowdhury, AKA Jubein. RAB officials stated that they’re still continuing the investigation to learn more.

Meth lab busted in Uttara, six arrested

One of the chemist, Rudro was in charge of changing the colors of the Yaba pills, and producing a cocktail of these going by the name of “Jhakki”. Mixing chemicals from soft drinks, some sleeping pills, and lastly the piece being Yaba. What an inspiration from Breaking Bad.

Most of their customers were private university students, Most of these guys were rich kids from well-established families.

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