Cablgram Does Digestible And Fun News Reports

Cablgram has been posting a lot of good stuff from tech based news both local and international, YouTuber drama, whatever shenanigans we have to deal with in Bangladesh, and user comment highlights. They keep it fun, energetic, and knows how to get our 10-second attention span on each of their posts.

I figured maybe it’s time to ask them to give us a handful of information as to how they operate, what drives them, and what makes them stay at the top of their game. They’re a newcomer, who’ve garnered a lot of followers in the short span of time since their Facebook page’s inception. And it seems they’re only warming up. They’re getting bigger and better at this.

Cablgram on Facebook

I asked a few questions, here are the following answers I’ve received from them:

An Interview With Cablgram

When did Cablgram first get established?

We first started publishing content on our social media platforms on the 20th of August 2020. It was during the Pandemic, so we adjusted things accordingly to carry out our operation regardless of any barriers due to COVID-19. Most of the time, all our team members work from home.

Will your main website be active?

It will be active soon.

So you guys mostly cover tech related news, is that right?

Yeah we do cover a lot of tech based news but our category is not limited to it. We try to cover content under pop culture, tech, business, music, movies & lifestyle.

So, from all the categories, how much of it do you believe is domestic?

Around 40% of our content is based on local news. We tend to cover a lot of foreign content as well. However, as the majority of our audience is from Bangladesh, we focus a lot on local content.

How much are you super into memes?

Yeah, we love memes. We also have a group, “All for the gram”, where members share a lot of memes related to our categories.

We try to keep a balance between all types. However, we make sure that they are relevant with the time and majority of our members can relate with it.

What are your goals for the long run? Your ambitions set for Cablgram?

Our goals have been clear since the very start. It is to represent Bangladesh in a global platform and to show our culture for what it is and for how beautiful it is – to our audience.

You’ll notice that we already make a lot of content to heighten this patriotic pride and wish to continue to do so in the future too.

Final Words

So yeah, they were nice enough to give us ample amount of interesting tidbits about them. But I asked on the way before we ended, that if their page name is a portmanteau or not. They replied by saying yeah, it kind of is. It’s a combination of cable and telegram. The idea of how the telegram was once a large means of communication, which is being replaced by cable nowadays. Hence, Cablgram. The ‘E’ is removed to appeal towards the younger generations.

Do check out Cablgram, they have tons to show you on their feed.

Written by Excalibruh

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