China Bird Flu Can Infect Humans Now

It hasn’t been a year and half, yet there’s another threat that’s looming from the subcontinent of one of the biggest supergiants; China. A Chinese patient, 41-year-old man from the City of Zhenjiang has caught what seems to be the first strain of a H10N3 strain of avian influenza. A disease that only affected birds till now.

First human case of H10N3 bird flu in China: These are the symptoms | Marca

Patient Zero

The Chinese Center for Disease Control and Prevention kept the patient isolated and at close watch as they studied the disease. They’ve determined that this is the H10N3 strain. They’ve made sure that there were no other contamination, so they contacted anyone close to the man. Though it has been confirmed that there’s no one else infected so far. They’ll keep vigilance.

As for the man himself, after treatment, he was released from the hospital he was detained to not long ago. Though while it does seem like a mild case, that is treatable. The CCDC will further continue to study the strain. They have also reassured the public that there’s very little chance of the virus spreading it on a large scale population and becoming another pandemic.

What Happens Next?

This isn’t the first time the avian flu has infected a human being, as early as 1957, where the H2N2 strain which had human flu mixed in together, caused a full-blown pandemic. Recent cases like in 2016, a bird flu strain H7N9 killed more than 300 people. With 40% fatality rate.

Birds are everywhere, so it is scary to imagine that any virus they catch this point could kill somebody. Of course, life isn’t like a movie and these diseases are mostly contained 90% of the time. Also, most bird diseases are pretty mild and if they do infect human, they are easily treatable.

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Written by Excalibruh

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