Cuba Is Going Through Civil Unrest Thanks To Oppression

2021 has had a large effect on global economy, especially on poorer countries that has little economical fail saves to keep the GDP steady and growing. One of those countries that have been dealing with this standstill situation is Cuba.

Post-Modern Revolución

Cuba is currently going through a major economic crisis. Thanks to the sanctions drawn by the US and slowdown of business due to the pandemic. Due to their lack of freedom, and the inability to provide for themselves in this turmoil. A lot of Cuban residents have taken it to the streets to protest.

Cubans marching in protest

What was something that was miniscule, grew drastically by the days. Major protests have started to partake from cities all across the country, including the capital Havana. Chanting for more freedom, while stating they aren’t afraid to die for their cause and wanting the removal of incumbent President Miguel Díaz-Canel of Cuba.

Responses from the authority were pretty subjugating. They fired tear gases to break up the demonstrations and arrested some of the Cubans participating, even though there was no incitement of violence. Thrown in the back of black vans. Though the police cars were flipped over by protestors in retaliation and officers had rocks thrown at them.

Having little presence in the global economy for years. The pandemic has exacerbated the issue, putting most people under poverty. Mass unrest, as well as the blowback to government officials now put Cuba on the map for the world to see the Cuban’s plight.

Written by Excalibruh

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