Dhaka Regency Offers Buy One, Get One Free; They’re Still Expensive Tho

I remember the one time I went to Dhaka Regency restaurant just with a group of people, only knew one guy. While my friend went to take care of his business, I was stuck talking to his friends. The exchanges were alright, we were bored, at least we had that in common and wanted to order some Dhaka Regency food.

But then we saw Dhaka Regency’s price, and we were like, “Which part of a thana in Dhaka should we have enslaved just to get make us enough money to order the food here?”. Well, you don’t have to enslave anybody. Really. But if you’re stupid rich, it’s one of the best places to show off in.

Fewer Reasons To Bail On Your Food

But hey, if it’s too much in today’s circumstances to buy expensive food. Don’t worry, Dhaka Regency got you covered. This shows that they cared. They’re offering buy 1, get 1 free offer for a variety of food set servings. You can now get your girlfriend, freeeeeee food.

Dhaka Regency restaurant does maintain a lavish environment with a lot of greenery, a swimming pool nearby, really nice decor, good spots for photoshoots, and a lot of fancy tables around an open rooftop.

Of course, there was no point describing the interior because you can’t go outside your house thanks to the lockdown. But you can order the stuff online, just visit the menu site here, borrow your parent’s debit card for a bit, and et voilà, your Dhaka Regency restaurant’s food should be on the way.

Oh, also give this number 01713332661 a call first for more details. Enjoy yourself, you get to experience being a cheapass for once in a while.

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Written by Excalibruh

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