Evaly CEO Mohammad Rassel Arrested By RAB For Fraud

Mohammad Rassel, the CEO of e-commerce platform Evaly, and Chairman Shamima Nasrin, who is also Rassel’s wife, have been arrested on charges of stealing customers’ funds. According to Commander Khandakar Al Moin, a RAB spokesman, the RAB began a raid on their house in Dhaka’s Mohammadpur at 4 p.m. on Thursday.

Earlier in the day, Rassel and Shamima Nasrin were charged with fraud for charging a customer for products that were never delivered.

Arif Baker filed the complaint with the Gulshan police. Claiming that he saw Evaly’s advertisement and ordered Tk 310,000 from the website. Long after the orders placed, they are yet to fulfil.

Finally, on September 5, he contacted Evaly’s customer service center after failing to receive the products. Previously, the company had repeatedly delayed the delivery of the products after he contacted them. Mohammad Rassel, the CEO of Evaly, threatened to evict them from his office. Also refused to return their money at one point.

Demanding Release Of Evaly CEO, Mohammad Rassel

During the raid, about 50 people identified as Evaly clients protested outside Mohammad Rassel’s home, demanding his release from the arrest.

One of them, who placed a Tk 16 lakh order with Evaly, told reporters that he started doing so in January of this year. Authorities should give Evaly some time so that it can continue to operate. Also, issue refunds or deliver products gradually, he said.

“How can we get the money back if the Evaly’s Ceo is arrested?”

said another customer

Mohammad Al Amin, another customer, said, “Evaly requested a period of six months from the government. The government, in my opinion, should give them more time.”

According to the defendant’s complaint, Evaly defrauded a large number of customers like him in the name of selling products. Estimating, Evaly has stolen a total of Tk 7-8 billion (700-800 crore).

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