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Evaly Chairman And MD Are Being Sued By Customer For Fraud And Harassment

Evaly’s Managing Director (MD) Mohammad Russell and Chairman Shamima Nasrin have been charged in a Sirajganj court. On Wednesday, a client called Mohammad Raj filed a complaint in the court of Senior Judicial Magistrate Jasmine Ara. Alleging Evaly for fraud and consumer abuse. “The court has taken the matter into cognizance considering the plaintiff’s testimony and documents. And asked the Police Bureau of Inquiry (PBI) to file a report after investigation,” said plaintiff’s counsel Advocate Manjurul Islam Sohag.

According to the case statement, the plaintiff bought five goods from the online e-commerce site Evaly on May 4 this year. It includes a television, a pen drive, and an iron machine. He paid a total of Tk50,737 for the items at the time.

Evaly’s Policy

The items must deliver between 7 to 45 working days following the order, according to Evaly’s policy. However, Raj claims that the items have not delivered to him. Despite the fact that three months have elapsed after the orders were placed and payment was made. The Bangladesh Bank claimed in a June inspection report that the e-commerce website collected Tk214 crore from clients between June and March of this year but did not deliver the items. Furthermore, the site has yet to pay its merchants Tk190 crore.

How Is Evaly’s Chairman And MD Willing To Pay?

Evaly’s present assets are just Tk65 crore, which indicates that the platform’s entire assets will only be able to cover 16 percent of its dues to consumers and merchants. The report continues, mentioning that Evaly had provided this information to the central bank “Total liabilities for the platform might be considerably larger than what they disclosed. Because Bangladesh Bank authorities were denied access to Evaly’s replica database.”

Stay tuned to know How Mohammad Russell And Shamima Nasrin responds to this.

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