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Father Of Hybrid Rice; Yuan Longping Passes Away

Yuan Longping, widely known as the man who created the hybrid rice, is now currently deceased. Died at the age of 91, at Changsha on a Saturday due to illness.

Longping’s journey to his successful research and creation began in 1949 when he saw people starving to death by the road around his teenage years. By then afterwards, he applied to Southwest Agricultural College. Starting his research on increasing rich yields.

Story of a discovery with Hybrid Rice

By the 1970s, his discovery of a rare wild rice variety took his research to new grounds. 3 years later, he finally created a high-yielding hybrid rice strain with three lines, dubbed the male sterile, maintainer, and restorer.

Not only has his newly made rice strain discovery greatly benefited China, but it also provided more food for starving, poorly developed nations elsewhere. Hybrid rice strains was recorded to provided 20% more yield than normal rice strains. Using about 9% of the world’s lands as rice fields, it has fed over 20% of the global population.

His discovery has stalled famine around places and brought nourishment to an ever-growing population of this one single planet.

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