From Tomorrow, There Will Be No First Dosage Of The Moderna Covid Vaccine

The government has decided to put the first dosage of the Moderna Covid vaccination on hold starting tomorrow. The Directorate General of Health Services (DGHS) issued a circular yesterday instructing vaccination sites that still have Moderna jabs in store for the first dosage to deliver them as soon as possible and to prepare for the second dose.

On August 14, the second dose of Sinopharm covid vaccine will administered across the country, according to the statement. According to the circular, Chinese vaccination shots would be distributed to various parts of the country based on demand. Last month, the government began administering the Moderna vaccination to residents in 12 city corporation districts.

What’s Up Next For Covid Vaccine?

On July 2, Bangladesh received 25 lakh doses of the Moderna vaccination under the Covax program. It was afterward given additional 30 lakh covid vaccine doses. So far, the first dosage of the Moderna vaccine given to 19,08,549 people, and the second dose given to 403 people. A total of 81 lakh doses of the Sinopharm vaccine have sent to the country. The first dose given to 66,71,763 people, while the second dose given to 1,72,322 people.

When Will It Start

On August 7, the government initiated a special immunization program in rural regions to prevent Covid deaths and infections. It planned to distribute one crore covid vaccine dosages in six days, but the goal was later reduce to 32 lakh. Let’s hope for the best and other countries to help Bangladesh as much as possible in this critical condition.

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