Helena Jahangir Of AL Arrested For Illegal Possessions

Well, I guess somebody thought they could outlast their criminal affairs till their inner circle kicks them out. Helena Jahangir, one of the political bodies under one of Awami League’s subcommittee party, was ousted on July 25th. Just a while ago, RAB officers raided her house and found all sorts of illegal goods.

Large quantities of narcotics, foreign liquor, casino/gambling sets and equipments, foreign currencies, and other set of contraband were found in her house. This all happened right after she was kicked out of the Awami League subcommittee.

Have Turns To The Have-Nots

Currently held at RAB headquarters for further questioning. It’s unclear how grave the charges are. As the investigation is still ongoing. Might face serious charges.

Helena gained infamy in social media due to revelations about her controversial activities. Before she was removed from the subcommittee due to the allegations. She tried creating the Bangladesh Awami Chakrijibi League as means of providing such illicit services.

Helena Jahangir's house, raided by RAB

Meher Afroz Chumki, the secretary head of the subcommittee, announced her removal on July 25th. She was a member from Jan 17th. Before that, she was ruling party’s Cumilla North District’s advisory council.

Helena Jahangir is the founder and chief executive editor of IPTV Jayayatra Television. She had been making waves around TV for a while now. Only to be cut short by sheer hubris.

Written by Excalibruh

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