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Hoichoi Is Promoting Explicit Contents In Bengali Culture

Hoichoi, a specialized regional OTT player funded by SVF and located in Kolkata, has announced more than 100 hours of new original content, including more than 30 new original series and 12 films with digital premieres planned for next year. In addition, audiences exposed to 200 Bengali films. Hoichoi’s marketing strategy has taken a huge audience in a short period of time, and guess what? We Bengalis are already hooked.

Hoichoi appears to be of its time, with a clean and simple website and an easy-to-use mobile app. High-resolution videos, movies, and series in all major genres that is provided through a fast-responsive interface. It appears to be prepared to meet the expectations of 2021 viewers in terms of choice and quality. Will these, however, appeal to the ‘legacy’ crowd with just a good UI?

Hoichoi’s Marketing Strategy

Hoichoi is expanding its operations into Bangladesh’s international markets in order to serve the world’s estimated 250 million Bengalis. And they’re doing very well at it, as most of us have heard of Hoichoi and there are already a significant number of users. Their strategy is straightforward, yet their content is poor. It’s explicit content, after all, and we Bengalis can’t seem to keep our minds off it. Adult entertainment such as “Montu Pilot,” “Dupur Thakurpo,” and “Japan Toy” a huge hit in Hoichoi. And Bengalis are willing to pay their hard-earned money only to view this contextless stuff that they are unaware of.

Bengalis are moving more to support Border crossed content creators and not giving a market to Bangla Natoks or Cinemas. With explicit thumbnails, they have caught Bengalis’ attention really well and moving on with their scheme.

What should We Do

Instead of supporting these vulgar content makers, we should promote our local content creators. Anyone will be hooked by their strategy, but it is our job to modify the hits. It’s a pity that our local content creators are dying on a daily basis due to some vulgar creator.

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