How To Get Liquor License In Bangladesh

Alcohol is heavily controlled and prohibited in Bangladesh. According to a 2015 World Bank research, Bangladesh has one of the lowest alcohol consumption rates in Asia. Any beverage containing more than 0.5 percent alcohol is classified as an alcoholic beverage under the law. But did you know that you can get a liquor License in Bangladesh?

Alcohol must be sold, stored, and transported with the help of government authorization. A legal authorization require to consume alcohol in Bangladesh. To acquire an alcohol license, Muslims will require a medical prescription. The prescription must written by a medical college associate professor or a civil surgeon to get a liquor license in Bangladesh

How can someone get a permit to drink?

In accordance with Section13 of the Act, one must fill a form, accept the conditions of obtaining such a license and pay a certain fee to acquire a license. They must first see a doctor (assistant professor or higher) for an examination. The doctor can either give patients a clean sheet of health and allow them to drink small amounts of alcohol or prescribe alcohol for medicinal reasons. Then they must apply for a license with the Department of Narcotics Control (DNC) at the sub-regional/metro/divisional level. Two passport-size photographs, a copy of the National ID card, and medical permission will be in need of applicants.

How do the sellers get the permit?

First, the Ministry of Commerce must approve the establishment’s sale of alcoholic beverages. If the ministry accepts, an application with the necessary documents must send to the DNC’s sub-regional/metro/divisional office. They will then evaluate your documents and notify you. Well, it all depends on their mood. Over the last three years, no new licenses issued.

What Are The After-Effects

You will not be able to get such a license if you have a case filed for an offense committed for your moral degeneration for which you have sentenced to more than three months in prison or a fine of more than TK. 500. Furthermore, anybody who breaches any condition or term specified in the license will hold accountable for up to TK. 100,000 in compensation. And if the condition of the license is breached a second time, permission is terminated.

Drinking Liquor Without License?

If someone creates a distillery and manufactures alcohol without a license, they will be imprison for a term of not more than ten years and will compensated. Furthermore, if the amount of alcohol sold, bought, imported, preserved, manufactured, and distributed without a license is up to 10 liters, a person will imprison for 6 months to a maximum of three years. If the amount of alcohol exceeds 100 liters, the person will imprison for 3 to 5 years. And if the amount of alcohol exceeds 100 liters, he imprisons for 10 years.

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