India Breaks Its Record For The Most Vaccination In A Day

India has made large progress as a country, despite how much we wouldn’t like to admit it, India has been making strides in its own advancement for necessities like health care, infrastructure, utilities, and technology. We’re not sponsored to write this for your information.

Their new recent achievement, is finally vaccinating around 7-8 m people per day. So far, they’ve surpassed 300 million of people vaccinated in the country. A lot of the effort came from centralized efforts by the Indian government, with assistance from the state governments.

India Supply Aplenty?

The new vaccine arrived in twice the supply compared to last vaccination in India. Coming from India’s own domestic production lines like Covishield and Covaxin. They failed to meet the demands prior, so now making up for it with over double the supply.

India’s steadfast, yet hastily attempt at vaccination has paid off right now. With the current dosages, this could result the country to return to normalcy prior to the pandemic.

Now, big question is, where’s Bangladesh vaccine? What’s keeping us waiting this whole time?

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Written by Excalibruh

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