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iPhone 13 Gets A Bigger Battery, Based On New Leaks

Yes, you read the title right. Get your daddy’s credit card ready, because the new iPhone is rolling out with a bigger battery. We’ve already reported that the regular and mini will have the same camera as the iPhone 12. But the Pro versions will have triple cameras instead, as well as LiDAR sensors and 120Hz refresh rate for display.

Bigger, Better, Longer Lasting (Not A Euphemism)

The previous iPhone 12 Pro had a 3687mAh battery. Which was more than enough for most Smartphones out there. Though, most Android phones from China which are in the 200-300 USD range often have batteries almost as large as this. Well, seems to be no longer the case with the new Pro model from iPhone 13. The new battery is changing from 3687mAh to 4352mAh, which is an 18% increase.

iPhone 13

Those aren’t the only thing that’s getting big upgrades, the new iPhones will come with full support for 5G and new, highly disruptive Wi-Fi 6E adapter. For faster performance and better power efficiency, the new phones will come fitted with the new A15 Bionic chip. Which consumes 20% less power than the previous chip. So not just a bigger battery, but less power draw.

A new statistics data state that 44% of the US population are planning to purchase the new phones. Though, it’s all good and dandy that the new iPhones are getting so much demand. There’s also the information bearing that Apple might only produce a limited quantity of these new phones at first and are expecting early buyers to take up day one stock entirely before new arrivals come by.

The manufacturing and logistical problems still persist in this pandemic timeline, and most companies haven’t gotten back to pre-Covid 19 state in terms of the industry. If you got a lot of cash to burn, might have to book your phone up real soon.

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