Jamuna Group Invests A Total Of 1000 Crores In Evaly

According to an Evaly press statement issued on Tuesday, the Jamuna Group would invest Tk 1,000 crore in Bangladesh’s e-commerce business Evaly. Initially, Jamuna will put in Tk 200 crore. The firm would contribute Tk200 crore initially, with a total investment of Tk1,000 crore to be made in stages.

“As a local enterprise, we’re thrilled to have another local firm on board,” said Mohammad Rassel, Evaly’s founder and CEO. According to the statement, Jamuna Group has also been working for the welfare of the country and its people for over 50 years, and Evaly and Jamuna Group have now become partners in realizing those dreams.

Is Jamuna Group Mentally Okay?

“E-commerce may be beneficial to a country’s economy. In the case of the United States, Amazon, and in the case of China, Alibaba. Similarly, Evaly, a local e-commerce platform, has carved out a niche for itself in Bangladesh,” according to an Evaly news release, Jamuna Group Managing Director Shamim Islam remarked about this venture.

Monika Islam, director of the leading group, welcomed the cooperation between Evaly and Jamuna Group. Saying that Jamuna Group has been conducting business in the country’s market with excellent products and services.

In difficult circumstances, the Jamuna Group has remained with them. Trusting in Evaly’s sincere business objectives to propel Digital Bangladesh and the country’s e-commerce sector ahead. The announcement quoted the Group’s director of accounting, Sheikh Wadud, as saying that the company intended to help the home economy during the Covid epidemic.

Sheikh Wadud has promised to publish more detailed information about this investment step by step.

Guess Evaly is successful at whatever they are doing. Even after such criticisms, they have managed to convince the leading company. Surely Mohammad Rassel’s convincing power is working really well.

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