LSD Found In Bangladesh For The First Time, 3 Detained

Dubbed to be one of the first caught case for LSD in Bangladesh. The police have arrested 3 students, two from NSU and 1 from IBU. In possession of Lysergic Acid Diethylamide, or LSD for short. The LSD were said to be imported from the Netherlands. The investigation first started after the death of one of the victims, Hafizur Rahman from Dhaka University.

The three students caught: Sadman Sakib Rupol and Ashab Wadud Turjo from NSU and Adib Ashraf from IUB were holders of the drug. Found in their possession, they are now waiting trial case before conviction by law enforcement.

The Drug Connection

The investigation is ongoing as police has sized 200 strips of LSD from the Netherlands. The commissioner of the police at the DMP media center, held a briefing, disclosing the entire situation. The investigation is continuing as the police has found connections to a large criminal distribution.

The victim, Hafizur Rahman’s body was found with his throat-slit. Theory is that the gang behind this has been actively distributing for the past one year. Targeting upper-rich-class students from colleges and universities.

In conclusion, the clients get added to private Telegram groups where payments are done. Transactions are done through PayPal mail. Some dealings were also done from Facebook IDs like “Apnar Abba” and groups with names like “Butter, Brownies and Beyond”.

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Written by Excalibruh

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