Moosa Is Hollow Man: DB Joint Commissioner

The police officers from the Dhaka Metropolitan Police’s Detective Branch made the comment after questioning the businessman, Moosa, about his ties to Abdul Quader, who was recently detain on charges of fraud under the pretense of an additional secretary of the Ministry of Public Administration.

Harun Ur Rashid, speaking to reporters following the questioning, stated, “He (Moosa) impressed me as a hollow man, a con artist. He only owns a residence in the Gulshan neighborhood of the city, which is also registered in his wife’s name. In Bangladesh, there was nothing else in Moosa’s name. He, on the other hand, may brag about being a contributor to the country’s progress thus far. However, his current state, as we noticed, is that he is a hollow guy with nothing.”

“Businessman Moosa appears to be a strange individual,” the DB official continued. When asked why he chose Quader, a man with just a ninth-grade education, as his adviser, he said, “Quader is a man with a ninth-grade education.” Why did he give him a Tk20 crore check?

Moosa replied, to “get profit.”

“He has a strong bond with Quader, whom he refers to as “Baba Shona” (Dear Baba). Harun Ur Rashid stated, “He is closer to Quader than his own kid.”

“From the $82 million in the Swiss bank,” Moosa claimed, “he will pay Tk5 crore to the police, build an ACC building, and the second Padma Bridge once he got the money.”

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