Moriom Mannan ‘The Scammer’ Caught In The Act

Inspired by the movie Gone Girl, Bangladeshi youth named ‘Moriom Mannan’ vanished her mother in thin air to catch some attention over social media. The news exploded as her mother went missing few days back but the story somewhat seemed shady.

Moriom Mannan Fake Crying To Some Attention.

The Vanishing Trick

After the social media exploded with the news of Moriom Mannan’s mother went missing, the youth posted she found a corpse in the suburban area of her district (Which we doubt that she went to an extent of killing for social media clout), she even arranged the burial of the unknown corpse and told the social media no matter what she can identify her mother.

On the suspicion note, the local police from her district went to investigate her place where they found her mother alive and sound.

The Massive Success And Failure Of Moriom Mannan

The internet somewhat leaked all the info regarding her plan and plot which where it was found she has been plotting the story of her mother gone missing by asking her friends to post the missing poster all over social media.

Moriom Mannan later deactivated all her social media accounts and opened a public figure/blogger page on facebook where she’s posting all the latest updates of her mother being rescued, but no questions yet to be arise who she buried claiming to her mother. By the time we figure out what happened she’s going to be an internet celebrity, sad but true.

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