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Nas Daily Fully Exposed For Being A Jerk Behind The Screen

Nas Daily, that vlogger who plays too nice and squeaky clean. Trying to help better the world by talking about things nobody often mentions about in the most remote and rural place. Of course, all that good stuff come with one severe consequence; pragmatism.

And thus, our pragmatism would serve us right. Nas Daily behind the screen, was an ambitious, pretentious snob who used people for his own benefits mostly. And didn’t deliver on the agreements he made working for people. In this case, the Philippines.

Nas Daily, That’s One Minute To Unsubscribe From

Nas Daily, what a punchable face

This whole thing started with his controversy around Palestine, where he didn’t participate in the condemnation of Israel’s and Zionist parties actions against them. Nas Daily refused to say anything, nor call out the Israel nation he so much supported during Dec, 2020.

Now we are here, where Nas absolutely lost 20 million followers on Facebook. Why? Because several figures in Phillippines have called him out. Namely Whang-od. A century old tattoo artist in the Phillippines, Kalinga.

Her Masterclass was taken down from their academy site. Namely because, her granddaughter called it a scam. Louise De Guzman Mabulo called him out for demeaning her people, being incredibly selective, and passive aggressively racist during his video with her. Some similar reports came from Palestine NGO camps were one of the people in charge, spited Nas for his terrible opinions and full control over their voices.

Nas Daily’s other subsidiary works like Project Nightfall also took a big hit from these controversies. No relent from the no of people calling him out on his b******t. Though, there’s doubt to be cast on this issue, seemingly that Nas did respond to both claims from Phillippines and made it clear there was no wrong doing.

I would hope that anybody reads this to look at both sides of the coin before they start judging. But, we’re not going to tell you to support Nas Daily either. Quite the opposite, follow someone who is more cringier or less cringier than Project Nightfall. Nas Daily uses people for his hidden nefarious agenda, I don’t need to tell you what they are. It’s pretty obvious at this point.

Written by Excalibruh

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