New York City Drainage Is Clogged, Subways Are Flooded

New York is going through a tough phase right now. That’s mostly thanks to Hurricane Elsa. Hurricane Elsa hit the Atlantic coast of US. Hitting cities like Boston, Raleigh, San Juan, and New York City. Large quantities of rainwater have been pouring in, which lead to clogs in the drainage systems. Causing massive floods across the highways, subway passages, streets, apartment complex close to the ground.

The Big Apple Is Drowning

Major part of traffic is stuck in transit, most people can’t go home or use the fast way lane to get home. The subways are out of commission till the entire issue is resolved. And let’s not talk about the rodents. Most of them scurried away from the drains and sewage.

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To make the matter worse: The Major Deegan Expressway in the Bronx is flooded, traffic has been kept on hold while traffic control is figuring out how to get people to turn back. Most of the waters already caught up to the tires. The tropical storms have been putting New York City residents under pressure. Most people are locked inside their homes. Some living on the first floor have had their house already flooded with water, 2-4 inches deep.

New York City State officials are currently working a way around this, quickly as possible. For the meantime, the citizens need to stay at their homes. Meanwhile, defer to this page for how to keep yourself safe from the flood.

New York City Roads and subways flooded

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