OnlyFans Changed Their Minds, Ban Will No Longer Be In Effect

Remember that ban that was going to put a lot of s*x workers and p*rnstars out of business? Well, it seems OnlyFans have rescinded that rule. Basically toeing the line of not cutting out the thing that makes the most buck. OnlyFans have pretty changed their minds, after pulling a big “whoopsie”.

OnlyFans Around For One Big Reason

The site makes most of their revenue from explicit content makers, that involves both genders to do some kinky stuff, beyond that or just solo action. This site has gained major traction thanks to the media spree from some ICU nurse, Bella Thorne and Bhad Bhabie (or rice bhabi, what a weird name).

Despite their motto being “improving relationship with fans and creators”, they pretty much did dunk on the creators pretty hard with the ban on p*rn*graphic content. Before they saw their bottom line taking a big downtrend. Hence, have decided to undo the statement and just act casual like nothing happened.

OnlyFans blames this entirely on banking partners. For making their payment system work out with such difficulty. Especially with how they were treated like they were liable for distributing and allowing such contents.

OnlyFans deleting account

But They’re Not Done Yet

Officially, it wasn’t cancelled. More like a suspension of sorts. OnlyFans seemingly will return to look at their terms of service once again. But also clearing the air that all creators are welcomed in the platform. Uh, check that phrasing?

Adult contents are something that’s frowned upon in almost every banking companies and such. Because they don’t want to get themselves sullied with such dirty stuff. Due to that fact, they mostly distance themselves, and this is something the majority of the porn industry also struggle with. How long can OnlyFans keep going like this, only time could tell.

Written by Excalibruh

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