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Palestine is seeking your support

400,000 Palestinian in Gaza are left on the ground. They are being forced to leave their home and neighborhood due to heavy bombardment. They are homeless and most of them are living on the streets or vacant places to seek for safety at the schools, hospitals and mosques. Gaza was going through the third wave of COVID-19 which left the hospital ICUs unavailable for the injured people and COVID-19 patients.

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People are demanding to seek support for Palestine almost all over the internet but is it working though? Many countries have joined the cause and to find help for the refugees but some countries have joined forces with Israel. According to reports, the US made bombs were dropped at Gaza by Israel air force. Which almost whipped out and killed many men, women and children in the process.

The attack by the air force bombs killed over 42 civilians including 2 medical doctors, 10 children and 16 women in a single attack, but the world isn’t quite aware of what’s really happening. US aided company Boeing and General Dynamic are the manufacturer. The bombs that are being used in the ground of Gaza.

Israel is attacking Gaza at the refugee shelters everyday, which is terminating many lives.

Even 15 year old child was a victim of Israel as being shot by a soldier in the head, poor soul had the test a very heartbreaking death.

Around the globe Gaza is seeking freedom from Israel’s Apartheid. Knowing that Israel is funded by the US with 3.8 Billon USD a year for military purposes. The world demands this horror to end. Palestine has been witnessing siege for 54 years now , and of course the horror they go through everyday is frustrating.

Private American donors are funding Israel for many years now to takeover Sheikh Jarrah in occupied East Jerusalem. One of the groups behind planned takeover is the Israel Land Fund. Which is funded by New York based Central fund of Israel.

We seek support from Citizens around to world to help Palestine be free from the horror they go through everyday from Israel. We demand justice for Palestine.

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