Piasha And Mou Arrested By Police For Blackmail And Drugs

Models Faria Mahabub Piasha and Mou Akter, were arrested by Detective Branch for the crime of blackmailing certain important figures. Both were in it together, they trapped people into doing illegal things of which they are proprietor and, take photos.

Bangladeshi Hustlers

Piasha was caught with narcotics, [email protected]@, Shisha and so on, within her Baridhara residence. Assistance deputy commissioner, Mohidul Islam confirmed the arrests. The two models were detained, entry to their residence wasn’t allowed.

What they basically did was invite rice people or ones with great connections to their parties, and spoil them with all the illegal substance they could find. They catch them in the act, then use the photos to blackmail them for money, and favors.

Piasha arrested, with Mou Akter

This isn’t the first controversy Piasha got into, her husband was a prime suspect in the Banani Raintree hotel [email protected] case. She has still maintained herself to be somewhat of a public figure. There was even this college girl named Munia, who was dating Bashundhara Group Managing Director Sayem Sobhan Anvir. She committed suicide in a flat associated with a family friend of Piasha’s.

Of course, this case gets even deeper. As it turns out, they found paperwork and evidence suggesting that they were working on a Breaking Bad inspired drug operation. With a factory for not just [email protected]@, but also methamphetamine. They did a good job convincing people by just showing their drug tests. Calling themselves pure. Despite Piasha being a complete sellout and Akter seemingly inferior to the former.

The two are looking at serious charges for both blackmailing people, and manufacturing and distribution of narcotics. Seems their modeling career has come to a full close.

*Disclaimer: Last two paras are satire bits, are not true. Everything else before is based on what has been reported from news.

Written by Excalibruh

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