Sadia Khanom Invented A ‘Breakthrough’ Spray To Fight COVID-19

Sadia Khanom, a young Bangladesh-born British scientist, has invented a new disinfectant spray to fight covid, which has already received Tk118 crore (£10 million) in orders. After putting her Ph.D. on hold to work in her parents’ restaurant “Cafe India.” The 26-year-old began creating the covid spray. She examined the virus to discover the right formula to destroy it. While she was working on her parents’ restaurant, Sadia Khanom tested her invention on all surfaces of the restaurant. Sadia Khanom, 26, created “Voltique” after 14 months of study. It is a spray that attracts and destroys all viruses on any surface for 14 days.

Nevertheless, After being tested internationally by the NHS and NASA, the innovation has been hailed as a “breakthrough” for the pandemic. According to hospitals in the United Kingdom, the spray is 100% efficient in killing coronavirus. It has the potential to save 70 percent on cleaning chemical expenses, they included. Positive data has been collected from pilot hospitals and care homes. Samples confirmed that all treated surfaces have become fully free of germs, including Covid.

Is Sadia Getting What She Deserves?

Voltique has already received orders totaling £10 million from as many as 13 nations across the world. Sadia Khanom always wanted to pursue Ph.D. in Alzheimer’s Research and neurodegeneration. Rather than taking the next step in her medical career, she used what she already knew about science to attempt to discover a way to fight Covid-19.

“My passion piqued at the age of 14 when my grandfather developed Alzheimer’s. I have a strategy to find an early intervention for Alzheimer’s, however, my restriction has been lack of funding. That’s why I decided that by creating something like Voltique I could create a solution for Covid whilst funding my Alzheimer’s research at the same time,” Sadia Khanom stated.

Kabir Ahmed, her father, is now a proud man. “There is nothing more rewarding than knowing that this discovery of my daughter will help people all around the world,” he claimed.

What’s Sadia Khanom’s next plan after this Covid Breakthrough?

Sadia Khanom also said she is now lucky enough to be able to sponsor her own Alzheimer’s research. Determination is all she got that one day fulfill her dream of finding early prevention of Alzheimer’s in the name of her grandfather. Also, help save others from the same genetic disease that he has suffered from.

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