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Schoolboy Discovered Oxygen Extractor After His Father’s Death

Taher Mahmud Tarif, an SSC examinee from Pabna’s Ishwardi Government Sara Marwari School and College, claims to have developed a unique method for producing and storing oxygen from the air.

Tarif is the youngest of three siblings: two brothers and a sister. His father died of a lack of oxygen on August 2, 2020. Later, many others died of corona as a result of a lack of oxygen. These events forced him to decide to create a low-cost oxygen concentrator.

‘Oxygen Generator’ is what he named the machine. Also, Taher built the oxygen generator in around two months. At 11 a.m. on Tuesday, Taher provided a thorough overview of his idea and manufacturing at the UNO office in Ishwardi. Two other students, Muntasir Shravan and Nihad Hasan supported Tarif.

After seven months of effort, Tarif finally succeeded in manufacturing the extractor for the fifth time. He had previously failed four times.

Later on, Taher Mahmud Tarif explained the unique oxygen generator’s development and effectiveness. He said it was based on his own ideas and included local technology generators and electric components. In ‘oxygen generators,’ oxygen may be produced from air. It has a capacity of 25 liters of oxygen. This generator can deliver oxygen to a person’s body for up to seven hours. After a 5- to 10-minute pause, oxygen can be applied again for 6 hours by running the oxygen generator.

Is Taher Mahmud Tarif on Spotlight?

Tarif requested Tk 15,000 from his mother in order to build the machine. His family has always supported him in this effort.

Meanwhile, an expert team from “Bangladesh’s Ministry of Science and Technology” has witnessed the discovery of Tarif. They’ve made a few observations. Tarif is working on it right now.

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