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Soborno Isaac Bari; A Well Gifted Yet Exploited 9-Year-Old

It’s not everyday you look at the Newsfeed and see a 9-year-old kid explaining the laws of physics, even at Universities (like Harvard). But there’s something fishy going on. Not that the child isn’t smart, but the way he is presented to the world, his YouTube channel having some weird embellishments or fabrications, then there’s the fact he has a loud, squeaky voice at times. Soborno Isaac Bari, is an odd case.

Things take a much weirder turn when you realize, he is getting nominated for a Nobel Prize. I mean, it’s easier to hand those out these days, just show people that you’re so much of a goody two-shoes, people will start liking you and think you have a lot of merit. But the validity of the impact they left on the world is a big question in of itself.

The other problem is, watching his YouTube videos, you’re not sure whether the camera man is pulling some tricks or the videos are just badly made. Like they didn’t bother to least work around to make it convincing for the audiences that are watching them. There’s a rabbit hole to dig into, and how far it goes is more unsettling as we continue.

Fake Isaac Newton or Exploited?

Soborno hasn’t done anything really significant yet to warrant something even as big as a Nobel Prize. He’s not dazzling me with theories about why black holes exist or how they work. So far, he has gone to just explain theoreticals, how gravity works, motion works, a bunch of stuff I learned from my O’levels. Except I am having a hard time keeping up because the audio quality gets really bad and annoying.

soborno isaac bari

That isn’t to say, he’s a complete fraud. He just hasn’t convinced me. Oh no, wait, a recommendation he got from president Obama when he was 5? That’s really good to know. Lately, he hasn’t been the only kid wonder we’ve heard about. There’s a lot of them out there.

Then there’s his family, mostly his dad, and the entire Indian media just prophesizing him as this next Albert Einstein or Isaac Newton (also, he’s Indian now? I thought he was Bangladeshi at first). He doesn’t need labels, if he makes his own discovery that’ll change the world, his name would get that widespread recognition it deserves. Just using labels as a cheap marketing ploy demeans the entire point of helping gifted kids.

His father also has a history of online toxicity, staunchly defending his son and calling out anybody who detracts. Mislabelling people as well as slandering them. It’s clear he doesn’t seem to have a good mindset when it comes to dealing with the public.

Soborno Isaac Bari probably has a great future ahead of him. But watching this crap over and over, it’s really going nowhere for me, and us, I believe. Just let the kid figure out who he wants to be.

Written by Excalibruh

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