Texas Abortion Law Is Several Steps Back For Mankind

The state of Texas, one of America’s biggest economical state and the 10th largest economy if segregated from nation. Texas is a pretty big state, holding close to 30 million Americans. In fact, it has been recently the expat destination for Californians, leaving that state due to the rising costs of living. However, this one might be a big smack in the face, when it comes to human immoral decision makings. Anti-Abortion Laws.

No Longer Her Choice, Is It?

Texans, protesting the new law in the state of Texas.
Photo from NBC News

A little earlier, the abortion law, which states that women after 6 weeks, cannot abort the fetuses inside. While, the subject matter of abortion is very hairy, women whom are inflicted by sexual assaults to become pregnant, seemingly are now in complete loss of power. This is basically a start to the plot of the Handmaidan’s Tale. It’s pretty freaking similar. The law was written in May, this year, before several months till now, coming into effect.

6 weeks of pregnancy isn’t enough to verify whether a woman is actually pregnant or not. Technology hasn’t reached there yet, so fetal activity will not be detected and recognized before that time is passed. This dooms many women in Texas of not being able to take control of their lives from terrible situations. While also stripping away whatever progress the country has made, including the 2nd richest state in the US.

The supreme justice court was requested to halt the law from passing, but they didn’t do much to stop it from coming to pass. Rather, setting up a bad legal precedent, not just for Texas. They kind of just sat by and let it pass. Many people, including the UN has condemned the new regulations. UN calling it “structural sex and gender-based discrimination at its worst”. While also calling out the supreme court’s side stepping of the matter.

Actions Needed Taken

Current POTUS, Biden has also criticized the supreme court and is hoping to pull an overturn of the law very soon. Texas is predominantly Republican, although in the past few years, their dominion has been challenged by the Democratic Party. Republican presence supersedes of the other party, so by 2021, they are recognized as a major Republican state. Although, this ruling might have even crossed a few Republicans enough to even act against it.

As for the supreme court, during Trump’s term, he has replaced a no of the judges to his content. This could be a seemingly good explanation as to why they have forsaken the action to halt the law passing.

Written by Excalibruh

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