“The Front Page” Is At Top In News Coverage

The Front Page? Does this ring a bell? Yes, you’ve most likely heard of them. They are currently one of Bangladesh’s most popular news coverage pages, where only the truth is presented. Since they are extremely active in their field, their audience receives the most up-to-date, reliable information at the right time. They are now focused on their Facebook page and Instagram, while their website is still being constructed. Adding it all up, they have amassed such a large following in such a short period of time, and there is no secret other than presenting their audience with legitimate news.

Everything around us has been covered by the Front Page, but who will cover them? So, here in 14again, we were fascinated by their accomplishment and requested an interview to learn more about them. We sent a few questions to them, and they merely responded from The Front Page.

What is the vision behind the startup?

The vision behind The Front Page is to establish a credible source of verified news and make news more interesting through various mediums.

How are you planning to sustain?

The Front Page started off as a passion project, but right at this point in time, we’re vigilantly working on ways to further sustain it on a bigger scale.

Elaborate how your team members are helping with the startup?

The Team members are divided according to their expertise and we work collaboratively on everything.

How are you planning to establish the startup as a brand in the future?

We want to continue the way we are right now and keep serving the people. Eventually, our hope is for our vision of content media to be shared and understood by our audience.

As you can see, The Front Page is dominating the Bangladeshi media and has been doing so for quite some time. They have a clear picture of what they’re doing, and it all began with a passion, and now? One of the most popular media pages.

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Written by Vibwritor

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