The Future of Flying Officer; Ayman Ali Slips From 14th Floor

We’re often guessing when we’ll die, and we’re guessing it’ll be around our late 60s. In reality, no one knows when it will happen. Who’d have guessed this young Flying Officer, Ayman Ali, would pass away at such a young age! He is no longer able to travel the sky, despite having a bright future ahead of him.

Yes, the fact that his death was so uncertain came as a shock to us. Ayman Ali (Sayor), Air Vice Marshall Shafqat’s youngest son, has always made his father proud through working hard. Ayman, a Flying Officer, was an HSC candidate in 2016 and spent three years as a cadet at the Bangladesh Air Force Academy before being commissioned on December 1, 2019. He walked under a tin shade while attempting to cross between two 14-story buildings (Opporajita) at Mirpur DOHS. Ayman then fell after stepping on a shattered tin slab, and his lifeless body was found on the first-floor garage shed by firefighters.

What was Ayman Ali’s motive for taking such risks?

Nobody knows why he was trying to cross the buildings at such a risk. I assume no one will know since he left us in the shade. You will always be remembered and loved. Brother, may your soul rest in peace.

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