The Hall Of Halloween Brings The Spirit Of Halloweentown To Life

Halloween is a worldwide celebration that takes place every year on October 31st. It is one of the holidays that is celebrated across the world with hefty celebrations, but unfortunately, we, the Bangladeshis, do not have the opportunity to enjoy it as much as the rest of the world. But this year, in the year 2021, you won’t have to be worried since The House Of Art (THOA) will host the largest and most promising Halloween party ever in Dhaka, The Hall Of Halloween.

The Hall of Halloween, The House of Art’s most renowned event of the year, will focus on traditional Halloween traditions and rituals to give you the finest true-culture experience on this eve’s night!

The celebration will take place at Radisson Blu Water Garden on October 31st. So you already know what’s going on with the plans. Halloween Spirit will be from 4 PM to 10 PM.

But wait! Do you live in Mohammadpur? And 10 PM is a big security risk for you to go home? Well no worries, the hosts have got your back! There will be transports on the way back home for the people who need it. Routes – Uttara, Mohammadpur/Dhanmondi, Banani)

So What’s So Different About The Hall Of Halloween?

Halloween isn’t Halloween if no one is cosplaying. Isn’t it true, though, that Halloween parties with Cosplay prizes are more fun? There will be a Cosplay competition with a prize fund of 20,000 for the first place winner. The second-place finisher will have 10k, while the third-place finisher will get 6000.

Have you always enjoyed listening to Bhoot FM? But now you’re an adult who hasn’t listened to Bhoot FM in years. RJ Russel, your and my personal favorite will be there to deliver a live horror tale session to all of you!

As The House of Art (THOA) pledges to spread art and inspire the artist to do all sorts of creative works, they have provided a platform for every person and artist to share their work. As a result, an exhibition hall dedicated to creativity will be seen.

Putting all of this aside, there will be an influencer meet and greet where you may get the opportunity to meet your favorite personality. Besides that, there will be Live Music, Dance, and Prizes for the winners.

You just can’t miss this Biggest Halloween Party In Dhaka

Written by Vibwritor

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