The MasterChef Australia Winner Happened To Be Justin Narayan

Just yesterday, all 3 contestants of MasterChef Australia did a cook-off in the grand finale of season 13. Pete Campbell, Justin Narayan, and Kishwar Chowdhury. Later on, today, they finally had one last battle, 3 of them had to impress the judge for a winner and runner-up. The winning prize is the MasterChef Trophy and 250,000 USD in cash.

Though despite so many efforts, the culinary skills and craftsmanship from all of them, the winner turned out to be Justin Narayan. Not Kishwar Chowdhury. Justin won, but he was close to losing it thanks to the fierce competition he faced. By just a one point difference. Pete happened to be the runner-up. Kishwar was behind by 10-11 points.

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All three of them came a long way, with large ambitions set up for their near future. Pete Campbell wants to make a huge difference around the world as a cook, believing in the culinary arts for making a change in people’s perception of the world. Justin wants to open up a food truck, and spread the love of his Indian cuisine. Kishwar Chowdhury hopes to write her cookbook and create a new legacy for her family, starting from MasterChef.

Expectations Were Not Met

While it is sad that Kishwar didn’t get to win, being in third place is least a step-up. We’re praying that from that point, she gets further ahead to find the success she is looking for and fulfill her dreams of being head chef and write a great cookbook.

Kishwar is the first Bangladeshi for 13 seasons of MasterChef to have gone this far. Reaching top 3. She has shown how rich Bengali cuisine can be, as well as the potential future implications around the world.

While she didn’t make it, she certainly has a bright future ahead of her. As for Justin, congratulations on the win. I hope you and Pete find success as well. This has been a riveting challenge for 3 of you, and you overcame with grace and confidence.

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Written by Excalibruh

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