Silmi – The Rising Musician On His Way To Conquer The Music World

People think twice before entering industries with high saturation and strong competition, but Silmi drilled down deep into the music space and showcased immense talents and passion for it, making him talk of the town right now. His songs have gotten a lot of attention and recognition on SoundCloud and YouTube as a result of his confidence and consistency towards his goals. We here at 14AGAIN managed to get a hold of him to know the story behind the music.

Music has always been a part of the singer-songwriter’s household. Though none from his family ever pursued a career in music but, always had an appreciation for the craft. So, from a very early age, he was surrounded by music of all sorts. But things started taking a turn in early 2000. “That was when I was introduced to rock music for the first time. That thing was a life changer!” he says. “And from that point on I kind of knew that I wanted to hold on to this for the rest of my life.” Barely in his teens, the word career didn’t make much sense, but that is when the ball started rolling.

Music can do wonders which are hard to describe


Classical Or Rock?

Silmi is frequently seen singing a variety of genres, but what is it the one that he identifies him with?
“That’s a tough one”, he states. “It is actually hard to classify. Even to this day, I sing classical songs from time to time. Just for the fun of it. But, for as far back as I can remember, rock songs have always been my forte. So rock n’ roll it is!”

When asked about “skills to have” that he thinks will help in anyone’s singing career:

“This learning thing is never-ending really”, says Silmi. “I still learn bits and pieces every now and then. Music, like any other art form, needs polishing throughout. You are never fully satisfied with what you have managed to deliver. There is always this room for improvement. Both in the studio and on stage. As a singer-songwriter, two things that I thought were very important were to know your physiological limits and to know how to handle the microphone right.”

Every singer’s nightmare is asking them about their favorite performance they have done so far. It was a diplomatic answer from Silmi as well.

He says, “It is different every time. You feel the difference every time you go on stage. The venue reacts differently and so does the crowd. It is hard to pinpoint the best performance but certainly, there are ones that I will remember for a long time. 2008 or 2009, at the Russian Cultural Center, was a memorable one. And with The Great Escape, we played a show in late 2019 at the University of Liberal Arts Bangladesh.”

High School Silmi’s Mini Sacrifice

When asked about his high school life and his instruments, the instrumentalist came up with a unique answer. It has always been a mix for him. Silmi started off as a bassist. Not because he wanted to, but because that is what was needed to complete the band. The guitar was always his go-to instrument and fondly played the piano.

Enough talking about the music let’s get to know about some of Silmi’s interests! Outside of music.
“I always wanted to sketch but failed miserably. You know, those charcoal sketches? I seem to have a profound inability of understanding light and shadow.” Apart from that, the musician is a regular reader and an enthusiast of astronomy and mathematics.

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