Tyga Launches “myystar” As An Alternative To Onlyfans

Tyga, one of OnlyFans’ most prominent producers, has canceled his account just 24 hours after the company said it would restrict “explicit” videos. He plans to create his own content platform as an alternative to OnlyFans. Tyga, who joined OnlyFans over a year ago, revealed on Friday. That he had canceled his account and wants to create a competing website named Myystar.

The rapper’s subscription-based multimedia site, called “myystar,” would allow adult workers and celebrities to watch adult graphic films. Myystar, which will launch in October, will take a 10% cut of creators’ earnings, which is half of OnlyFans’ cut. The popular rapper announced the news on Instagram, saying, “Just removed my Onlyfans. Establishing my own platform @myystar8 more futuristic, higher quality & only 10% cost.” Creators will be allowed to produce whatever material they want!” Myystar would also allow producers to “sell NFTs on the Ethereum blockchain, as well as features essential to the music industry,” according to the company.

Tyga To The Rescue From Stopping You To Work In McDonalds

I know how many people make a lot of money on OnlyFans, and that’s where most of their revenue is at, I want to give those people hope.


Tyga teamed up with Ryder Ripps, a Forbes 30 Under 30 Art & Style grad. To design myystar, he worked on branding for Travis Scott’s Cactus Jack and Kanye West’s creative agency Donda. Tyga claims that the portal will host content from podcasters, comedians, sports, and artists in addition to obscene images and videos.

Tyga refused to reveal his OnlyFans profits, but he did acknowledge that his $20/month. Subscriptions had netted him several million dollars. OnlyFans said in a statement to Axios yesterday that the platform’s 2 million creators had earned more than $5 billion.

Is It Really Going To Be An Alternative To Onlyfans

You and I both have no idea whether Onlyfans will be a hit or not, but we can all see that Tyga is giving it his all. Tyga is well aware of how many of them would lose their jobs as a result of Onlyfans’ decision. So the greatest thing you can do is back Tyga’s Myystar initiative and spread the word as much as possible.

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