Vaccine Registration Age Lowered To 25, NID Required

The Bangladesh government has lowered the age requirement for citizens at age 25 for the Covid-19 vaccine registration. This, however, means you’ll need an NID to fully register yourself for vaccination. If you haven’t done yours yet, simply visit this link and choose registration tab. Fill up the rest, you should be good to go.

Register And Keep In Touch With Your Phone

Around 11 million doses of Vaccine has been applied to vaccine patient so far, with an estimation of 4.3 million fully vaccination. Meaning around 3% of the overall population has been vaccinated so far. Supplies from AstraZeneca are coming from India real soon, meanwhile health authorities speculate that 80% of the population will be vaccinated by 2022.


More supplies from Sinopharm, like 3,000,000 doses, are coming available just a day later from now. More from other companies with the UN COVAX program.

Vaccine Register Fast As You Can

So if you want to be quick about this, if you’re passed the age of 25, get to it. It’s unclear whether there will be ample supply of vaccines left, within the coming months.

Written by Excalibruh

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