Walmart Employees Will Be Getting New Samsung Phones

So ah, here’s a weird bit of twist from the world of big capitalism. Walmart, the retail giant, for their employees wellbeing and safety, will gift each of them a Samsung Galaxy XCover Pro. Right? Wait what’s that? The phone isn’t good.

So yeah, despite how mediocre the phone is by specs alone, they are getting a free phone though. So I guess that counts as some sort of virtue of goodwill. Least the phone has hard protection thanks to the sturdy built.

It has IP68 water and dust resistance with an MIL-STD-810G certification. Even for a normal phone, it features an FHD+ display with a punch-in camera. It is priced quite high on the market, so Walmart employees have something to look forward to.

Gift In Return Of Eternal Servitude

Walmart has more than 740,000 employees in total. All of them will be receiving the new phone. So this is costing Walmart in hundreds of millions probably in order to look after their sla—, I mean workforce.

The Walmart employees are conditioned though to clock in by using the [email protected] only during work. As in some creepy way, with the app installed, they get to put surveillance on to them. Watching their every move so that they don’t deviate from their routine. Uh, ok so Amazon is probably now the second-worst company. Maybe.

Though not all is bad, as the app is stated to also provide guidance for the Walmart employees. And that there is no privacy breach since all their data will be protected and won’t be accessed by Walmart themselves. Just have to wait and see for that part though.

Written by Excalibruh

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