Disney Renews Garment Contract in Bangladesh

In 2013, Walt Disney cut off their contracts with Bangladesh. Due to fire hazards, bad building integrity, and terrible safety protocols. This could also factor in the garment workers’ work abuse problems.

Today, Walt Disney has reinstated that contract. Allowing Bangladesh to be their outsource in garments production and shipping. Faruque Hassan, The BGMEA President, has said that all the boxes have been ticked and that their deal with Disney is finally good to go with reassurances.

Bangladesh Gets a Big Source Of Capital from Disney

According to a press release, Bangladesh has finally been added to Disney’s Permitted Sourcing Country list. With ILS (International Labor Standard) audits taking checkups once in a while.

Factories need to sign up with the Better Work Bangladesh program to list themselves as vendors for garment supply to Disney. The country itself has made a lot of improvements over safety, structure, work efficiency while making sure the workers have looked after.

Leaving out Disney’s contract with Bangladesh. The Hong Kong-based supply chain compliance solutions provider, QIMA, has ranked Bangladesh in 2nd highest. Of Ethical Manufacturing from their recent report.

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Written by Excalibruh

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