Why Do Bangladeshi Citizens Consider Lockdown A Joke?

Bangladesh is not an easy-going country when it comes to taking precautions. Everybody’s all uppity about isolation and, knowing that we’re a bunch of social butterflies, we like to flap our wings much as we want. Despite the Covid-19 safety protocols, guidelines, precautions that needed to be taken. Because people’s lives are also at stake….right?

No Faith

Given the tumultuous history of this country for the past 10 years, things have gotten a little bleak and depressing. Before pandemic came and put everything tumbling down. On the camp of people who do follow the routine to save people from getting infected, they’re not exactly buying into the reassurances that TV, company ads, their next-door neighbor, so on start giving them.

Skepticism has taken a new level this point. People are too wary about false information, disorganization, you’d think they be on Koolaid this point. Also, what’s a Bangladeshi kind of Koolaid you’d find right now? Yours needs to catch some refreshment.

There was a time last year, where just to be if we were infected or not, we took sample tests before getting the results to check whether we were positive or not. Now that has changed, we need to have certain kind of symptoms to register for a check-up.

Vaccines, even after arriving, were exclusive to people aged past 50. Sometimes 35 if you manage to have good contacts somehow. There hasn’t been a consistent supply of these, as they were locked away from the country we were getting from (the very country that treats us like we’re a literal footnote). Only 5% of the population overall have been vaccinated. Very little update on new vaccination administration.

The Rat-Race

So yeah, the world economy has seemed to be recovering right now. So far so, that most countries have seemingly recovered somehow. Yet, we’re the ones who are still kind of behind on this for some reasons. Oh yeah, this is Bangladesh, we’re always backdated in some shape or form.

Right now, people are desperately looking for work, anything to make income out of. Bangladesh’s economy might have triumphed over India, based on GDP per capita, still doesn’t mean things are looking all too well here.

Prices have gone up, from food, services, transportation, your internet provider isn’t increasing your package speed, and so on. Banks aren’t being friendly, either. So what gives? Aren’t we supposed to be saving up money right now? Taking down our expenditures in these desperate times?

Let’s not forget the mental health crisis, even if we work at home, we haven’t left our humble abode to feel the fresh air much at all. We’re stuck dealing with crappy deadlines, low pay, no hope for the future, no way out even.

Separating Ourselves From Others

But, may I remind you again, you might think am talking about everybody here. No, I am talking about the sane-minded, least some in a certain capacity. Most people here don’t care, or don’t think too much about this at all enough to follow. Those people are still causing death and mayhem.

You start to realize who your friends really are, when they ignore the very rules and guidelines that keep people alive. Since the eve of Eid-Ul-Fitr day, people have been driving their cars crazy from here to their, looking for clothes to purchase. How would I know? I witnessed the whole thing. Sector 7 and sector 13 of Uttara had no chill at all during that time. Somehow, that mentality has continued till now.

What this lockdown has only achieved is the inevitable. We’re all going to implode soon. Thanks to our neighboring country for another different strain that they haven’t been able to contained, thousands are becoming more infected, and now we’re on full lockdown, handled by the military. Everything revolving around this pandemic is a sad joke.

If you feel like it’s too much. Take a bag, breath in and out, wash your face, do not look in a mirror, drink some water or tea or Yogurt mixed drink or luchi or something that calms your nerves a bit. Because if you aren’t, you might laugh hysterically, laugh till you lose your sanity. Because it’s all a bad joke.

Written by Excalibruh

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