Your Government Is Spying On Your Data Using Pegasus

No, not just local government, any government, at this point. Nothing about your personal data is safe from your hands. Big brother is watching, with a surveillance state lifestyle you’ll have to adapt for as long as you live and keep using phones.

The well-known Israel made spyware, Pegasus, probably has its coding smeared in every local apps you know. Like, for example, Bkash, Pathao or China’s Weibo. Those are just used as references, not that they are confirmed to have it….or do they?

No Country For Privacy

nso group, creator of pegasus

Pegasus was created by the NSO, an Israeli tech firm. Its goal is to be a spyware while being unidentifiable by virus scans and the system OS. It collects a lot of important data such as your banking and credit information, your GPS, saved information, social media data, home address and so on.

It’s main goal for the firm was to root out terrorists, predators, and criminals worldwide. However, most of the government officials from India, Saudi Arabia, Mexico, among others have used it to spy against dissidents and people who repeatedly speak out against them.

The lawyers, protest leaders, and activists around the world, are at risk right now of being exposed by nefarious parties. Their phones will be repeatedly targeted for surveillance, no matter where they went.

NSO has responded to claims such as these, stating that they gave their software to responsible government bodies. Of course, nobody trusts their government. It’s not practical. Most bodies, as dictated by NSO, that use them are law enforcement, intelligence agencies, and the military.

Pegasus Everywhere

If you’re feeling paranoid now, then check out Amnesty Internationanal Mobile Verification Tool. It is only functional in either Linux or MacOS. This is a good tool that can spot the spyware app in a given time.

This new technology in the wrong hands could result in a dystopian kind of world. We’re not already far off there. In Ajerbaijan, dictator Ilham Aliyev spies on his people to find any dirty little secret he could.

While the world recovers, we immerse ourselves into one terrible reality to another. Could this be how the future is? Under the guise of corporate overlords and bureaucratic tyrants?

Written by Excalibruh

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