Bkash To Add Personal Retail Accounts For Small Businesses

Bkash has made some new introductions to its services. Featuring Personal Retail Accounts for businesses on small scale. Beneficial for both Retail and F-commerce sectors. Basically an account mostly for micro business functioning at home owners. It’s to help people who’ve decided to open their own food catering services or merchandise goods without trading licenses to continue their own business with much ease thanks to Bkash’s Retail Account system.

You can set up two different profiles. One is the limited transaction profile that are offline, with cash limit upto 999 BDT. The other is full transaction profile which is online PRA holder. Cash limit upto 2000 BDT.


To get your PRA, you’ll need to register with your NID card. A new phone number that hasn’t been opened with a Bkash account before. Confirm that the number you’re using with is verified and registered. The registration is done at Bkash’s account link. You’ll need the documents stated above.

You can connect your account to bank accounts and ATMs from BRAC Bank and Q-Cash. The account allows you to make payments toward and receive as well from merchant accounts. Though charges and limitations do apply.

This is a good move from Bkash, especially considering the current rampant COVID-19 situation that is still at bad state based on current statistics. With increase in number of cases. New strains from India. Bkash is finally giving some oxygen to breath in and put our collective minds at ease.

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Written by Excalibruh

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