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Elon Musk isn’t giving Dogecoin a rest

Ah, Elon “now cringeking” Musk hasn’t stopped riding the Dogecoin train for the past 2 months now. Recently, he’s adamant on promoting the meme crypto until it finally crosses the 1 dollar value. With crazy tweets, memes dissing his detractors, he has now started promoting Dogecoin as a new payment system from his company, Tesla. You can buy a new Model S with all the Dogecoin you’re racked up. Though it has yet to be fully implemented, it’s only a matter of time before it does. As progress seems to be steadily catching up with Elon’s goal for the meme coin. People with FOMA obviously aren’t dealing with it too well.

Just recently Elon did a skit with SNL, expecting that to boost Dogecoin even further. While SNL has actually lost touch with modern comedy and hasn’t made a really decent sketch, since well, Trump left office. You can see the cringeking trying his darnest, while feeling some form of pity for his attempt.

What’s a Dogecoin?

Dogecoin peaked at 0.71 USD just almost a week ago before it got down thanks to large sell-offs. No HODL till somebody gives a good reason to expect this coin to blast off literally to space. The irony has been lost in the majority of people with their virtual vaults filled with Dogecoin. That this meme coin was originally made as a joke of sorts without any real value. First introduced in 2013, it gained a quick following and now has a whooping market capitalization of 86bn dollars. Ranking 4th in the crypto market, nodged between Binance Coin and USD Tether. The cryptocurrency is steadily climb up there with Bitcoin and Ethereum.

Will the pandemic finally end? Does that mean so will our crypto dreams? No one knows. Nobody here is a financial expert mind you and so if you’re tempted to invest in the craze, do so at your risk. Then again, writing this now while considering it, it is hard to pass off. Maybe spending a little Eid salami wouldn’t hurt.

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Written by Excalibruh

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